Why you should ONLY use Central Park Estates to buy your home.

Our Promise

We promise that if you're not happy with your new home, we'll sell it for you and we won't charge you a single penny. We're removing the risk of buying a home. This is a no quibble promise, and we'll keep this offer open for a full year after you've moved in. You should use our recommended solicitors for the sale, and remain liable for the legal and moving costs, plus any other costs.

Upfront and Transparent

We aim to be upfront and transparent about the fees that you may incur, helping you to make informed decisions with no last-minute surprises. We ensure that our fees are clearly displayed in every place possible, from our website to our office desks.

Simple & Fair

We aim to make every step in our customer's journey as easy, simple, and stress-free as possible. However, if things don't go to plan, we'll do our best to resolve all issues that lie within our control. We have a simple and fair complaint procedure.

Call Us Anytime

We have longer opening hours than the competition. Call us anytime.

Help With Live Chat

Our live chat is always open. Register your requirements simply and easilyonline.

Daily Website Update

Our website is constantly updated with live data.